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GEA Bock- More than a compressor Over 75 years ago, when the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry was still in its infancy, our company's founder, Wilhelm Bock, had a vision: he wanted to build first-class and reliable refrigeration machines. In the following decades Bock developed inloone of the world's leading manufacturers of refrigeration and airconditioning compressors. Today, GEA Bock offers as part of GEA Refrigeration Technologies the right compressor for all fields of commercial-, industrial-, rail-, bus- and transport refrigeration.

In this website we present you our semi-hermetic compressors especially designed for explosion-risk environments. Be inspired. By our new products, our established producl series and the entire passion that goes into each of our products.

GEA Bock Compressors

Semi-hermetic compressors HG (HA)

The GEA Bock HG (Hermetic Gas-cooled) range of semi-hermetic compressors offers traditional suction gas-cooled compressor state of the art technology. These compressors of the highest quality standard excel in their running comfort, easy maintenance, efficiency and reliabili ty. Suitable as standard for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants. The HA (Hermetic Air-cooled) range, specially engineered by GEA Bock, is available for deep-freezing applications, in particular for use with the refrigerants R22 and R4ofA.

Single-stage - ATEX compressors - Two-stage compressors

  • C02 compressors subcritical - HC compressors - Duplex compressors
  • C02 compressors transcritical - Aluminium compressors - Compressor units with receiver
  • R134a com pres so rs - 2-pole compressors - Condenser units air-cooled
  • 1407C compressors

Vehicle compressors FK

GEA Bock vehicle compressors of the FK range are the result of many years of experience in the domain of mobile cooling systems. The unsurpassed light, compact, robust design and wide r.p.m. range are only some of the outstanding features of this unique product range of two, four and six cylinder compressors.

A wide variety of designs can be tailored to suit individual requirements. The so-called K version is a special innovation with a unique valve plate system for maximum requirements in bus and coach air-conditioning systems.

  • Compressors for bus and train air-conditioning
  • Compressors for transport refrigeration and other applications

Open type compressors F

The F model series provides modem open type compressors for separate drive systems (using V belts or direct couplings). Load transfer through a V pair. Virtually all drive capacity requirements can be met. Very compact compressor design, robust and easy to handle. Oil pump lubrication as standard.

  • Single-stage compressors
  • NH3 compressors
  • Compressor units for direct drive
  • NH3 Compressor units for direct drive
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